Ogrmar Dinosaurs Advent Calendar for Kids 2020

Ogrmar Dinosaurs Advent Calendar for Kids 2020

Ogrmar Dinosaurs Advent Calendar for Kids 2020

Are you looking for a fun and exciting way to countdown to Christmas with your kids? Look no further than the Ogrmar Dinosaurs Advent Calendar for Kids 2020! This unique advent calendar is sure to bring joy and excitement to your little ones as they eagerly await the arrival of Christmas day.

Countdown to Christmas with Animal Toys

With the Ogrmar Dinosaurs Advent Calendar, your children will receive a special surprise each day leading up to Christmas. This calendar comes with 24 pieces of animal toys, including dinosaurs, making it a perfect gift for any young animal lover.

High-Quality and Safe

Each animal toy in the advent calendar is made of high-quality materials and is safe for children to play with. You can rest assured that your kids will have a blast playing with these toys while you enjoy the peace of mind knowing that they are safe and durable.

Interactive Learning Experience

Not only are the animal toys fun to play with, but they also provide an interactive learning experience for children. As they open each door on the calendar, they can learn about different animals and their habitats, fostering a love for nature and wildlife.

  • Q: What age is the advent calendar suitable for?
  • A: The Ogrmar Dinosaurs Advent Calendar is suitable for children ages 3 and up.
  • Q: Are the animal toys small and pose a choking hazard?
  • A: The animal toys are designed to be safe for young children and are not small enough to pose a choking hazard.
  • Q: Can the calendar be reused for next year?
  • A: Yes, the calendar is durable and can be reused for next year’s countdown to Christmas.

The Ogrmar Dinosaurs Advent Calendar for Kids 2020 is the perfect way to make the holiday season extra special for your children. With 24 animal toys to discover, this calendar will bring joy, excitement, and a love for nature to your little ones. Get ready for a roaring good time this Christmas!