Gedore D 30 JMU-10 Socket Set 3/8″ 16 pcs UD 6-19 mm

Gedore D 30 JMU-10 Socket Set 3/8″ 16 pcs UD 6-19 mm


The Gedore D 30 JMU-10 Socket Set is a high-quality industrial tool that offers a practical composition for various applications. This socket set includes 16 pieces of hand-operated UD profile sockets, ranging from 6 to 19 mm. The sockets are forged, hardened, and tempered, ensuring durability and long service life.

Key Features

  • Forged, hardened, and tempered sockets
  • Hand-operated UD profile or 12-point UD profile sockets
  • Made of GEDORE vanadium steel 31CrV3
  • Robust reversible ratchet
  • Comes in a GEDORE blue sheet steel box
  • Dimensions: 320 x 132 x 55 mm


The Gedore D 30 JMU-10 Socket Set offers several benefits that make it a reliable choice for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. The warm-formed socket spanner inserts guarantee a long service life, while low manufacturing tolerances ensure optimum power transmission. The practical composition of the set allows for easy access to different socket sizes, making it versatile for various tasks. Additionally, this socket set is made in Germany, ensuring high-quality craftsmanship.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between UD profile and 12-point UD profile sockets?

UD profile sockets have a 6-point design, providing a better grip on the fastener and reducing the risk of slipping. On the other hand, 12-point UD profile sockets offer more contact points, allowing for easier engagement with fasteners in tight spaces.

2. Can I use this socket set with an impact wrench?

No, this socket set is designed for hand-operated use only. Using it with an impact wrench may cause damage to the sockets and compromise their performance.

3. Is the ratchet reversible?

Yes, the ratchet included in this socket set is reversible, allowing for both clockwise and counterclockwise rotation.


The Gedore D 30 JMU-10 Socket Set is a reliable and versatile tool for various applications. With its high-quality construction, practical composition, and long service life, it is a valuable addition to any toolbox. Whether you are a professional mechanic or a DIY enthusiast, this socket set will meet your needs and provide efficient power transmission. Invest in the Gedore D 30 JMU-10 Socket Set for a reliable and durable tool that will last for years to come.