DQ-PP Galvanised Wire Rope

DQ-PP Galvanised Wire Rope

DQ-PP Galvanised Wire Rope

Introducing the DQ-PP Galvanised Wire Rope, a versatile and reliable solution for all your conveying and lifting needs. With a diameter of 4 millimeters and a length of 100 meters, this 6×7 strand weaved steel cable is the perfect choice for any project.

Extensive Range of Sizes

At DQ-PP, we understand the importance of finding the right fit for your specific requirements. That’s why we offer wire ropes in a wide range of thicknesses, including 1 mm, 1.5 mm, 2 mm, 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, 11 mm, 12 mm, 13 mm, 14 mm, and 16 mm. Whatever your needs may be, we have the perfect wire rope for you.

High-Quality Galvanised Steel

Our galvanised steel wire ropes are manufactured to meet the highest standards. They comply with the DIN European standard EN12385-4 and are assigned to the rope classes 1×7, 1×19, 6×7, 6×19, and 6×37. With 7, 19, or 37 wires in each strand, our wire ropes offer both flexibility and stability.

Brand Quality DQ-PP

When it comes to wire ropes, quality matters. That’s why we only use high-quality galvanised industrial steel for our DQ-PP wire ropes. The hot-dip galvanising process ensures a longer service life compared to conventional steel ropes. Our wire ropes are stranded with a right-hand regular lay (RHRL) and have a tensile strength of 1770 Mpa.

Construction and Applications

The DQ-PP Galvanised Wire Rope features a 6×7 strand construction, offering medium hardness, flexibility, and elongation. The rope core is made of fibre, providing additional strength and durability. These features make our wire ropes ideal for a wide range of applications, including transportation, construction, engineering, winches, cranes, excavators, agriculture and forestry, fishing, and holding awnings.

Note: Safety First

It is important to note that the working capacity of the wire ropes is calculated based on the breaking force. Always ensure that the force is divided by the safety factor prescribed for the respective purpose to ensure safe and reliable operation.

Assortment and Accessories

In addition to our DQ-PP Galvanised Wire Rope, we also offer a wide range of other wire rope variations to suit your specific needs. We also provide a selection of accessories such as clamps, thimbles, turnbuckles, snap hooks, shackles, hooks, and much more. With DQ-PP, you can find everything you need for your wire rope projects.

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