All Pond Solutions Pond UV Light Steriliser Clarifier Filter (CUV-209)

All Pond Solutions Pond UV Light Steriliser Clarifier Filter (CUV-209)

All Pond Solutions Pond UV Light Steriliser Clarifier Filter (CUV-209)

Are you tired of dealing with murky and dirty pond water? Look no further than the All Pond Solutions Pond UV Light Steriliser Clarifier Filter (CUV-209). This innovative product is designed to keep your marine or freshwater pond clean and clear, ensuring a healthy environment for your aquatic life.

Key Features

1. Wall Mounting Bracket

The CUV-209 comes with a convenient wall mounting bracket, allowing you to easily install the steriliser wherever you prefer. The bracket is attached to the UV light and comes with screws for secure installation.

2. UV Quartz Tube and Bulb

With the UV quartz tube and bulb included, the CUV-209 effectively eliminates harmful bacteria and algae in your pond. The UV light sterilises the water, ensuring a crystal-clear and safe environment for your fish and plants.

3. Suitable for Marine and Freshwater

Whether you have a marine or freshwater pond, the CUV-209 is suitable for both. It is designed to handle the unique needs of each type of pond, providing optimal performance and results.

4. Three Stepped Hosetails

The CUV-209 comes with three stepped hosetails, making it easy to connect the steriliser to your existing pond system. The hosetails ensure a secure and leak-free connection, allowing for efficient water flow.

5. Voltage- 220-240V

The CUV-209 operates at a voltage of 220-240V, ensuring reliable and consistent performance. It is designed to meet the electrical standards of most countries, making it suitable for use worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the maximum pond size that the CUV-209 can handle?

A: The CUV-209 is suitable for ponds up to 4000 Litres. If you have a larger pond, we recommend considering a larger steriliser to ensure optimal performance.

Q: How often should I replace the UV bulb?

A: It is recommended to replace the UV bulb every 6-12 months, depending on usage. Regular bulb replacement ensures that the steriliser continues to effectively eliminate bacteria and algae.

Q: Can I use the CUV-209 with a pre-existing filtration system?

A: Yes, the CUV-209 can be easily integrated into your existing pond filtration system. The three stepped hosetails allow for seamless connection, ensuring efficient water flow.


The All Pond Solutions Pond UV Light Steriliser Clarifier Filter (CUV-209) is a reliable and efficient solution for maintaining the cleanliness of your marine or freshwater pond. With its wall mounting bracket, UV quartz tube, and bulb included, it offers convenience and ease of use. Suitable for ponds up to 4000 Litres, this steriliser ensures a healthy and vibrant aquatic environment. Say goodbye to murky water and hello to a crystal-clear pond with the CUV-209.